AHHA - Fast Food

Formerly a “lángos” boutique, they decided to transform it into a fast-food restaurant. 

client brief

New business goals, a complete transformation from just a “lángos” boutique to a medium sized fast food restaurant.

Status - completed

Objective - branding

Service - logo design

───  01/04

the introduction

With more than 6 years in the “lángos” boutique business, they decided to try something new, keeping the old product and adding kebab, shawarma & pizza to the menu. This major transformation needed a new look, brand identity & a re-designed exterior.

───  02/04

the problem

Taking on this major change was not easy, the old clients had a different demographic than the ones for the new business, so they had to spice things up to attract the right audience.

───  03/04

our solution

We were first contacted by their interior designer who started sketching up the exterior of the shop to match today’s trendy design (ex. McDonald’s), the owners needed a new logo to showcase the new products at first glance.
The challenge was on!

───  04/04

the results

We created a logo in combination with the exterior of the building and with the top 3 products in mind: kebab, pizza & fries – the 3 stars of the major change. The orange color resembled the excitement and confidence of the new products with a touch of “fast-food-ish” design, and also leaving more space for future products to be added – hence the “… & more” in the logo.

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