Australian Gold - eCommerce

An e-commerce store located in Romania, with over 80 Australian Gold products.
Sun & UV Tanning protection.

client brief

On the market since 2003, the objective was to grow the ROI with over 10% in the first 3 months.

Status - ongoing

Objective - ROI growth

Service - Marketing

───  01/04

the introduction

The first Australian Gold products official dealership in Romania, the challenge was to promote these quality products to the right audience.

───  02/04

the problem

The first problem that we noticed was the lack of Social Media engagement on all platforms, paid advertising was only made on Google, without a lot of success. It lacked the standard eCommerce “look” – no sales, banners, quality posts etc.

───  03/04

our solution

After analyzing the data from Google Analytics and the Facebook Page, we decided to create posts that would teach the public what quality sun lotions could offer, and the importance of using the correct one. 

We started to bring in traffic from Google/ Facebook and build a basic funnel with a dynamic catalog remarketing technique.

───  04/04

the results

We managed to re-activate the Facebook Page and gain loyal clients in the process. With timed and budget-restricted ads we still managed to increase the revenue by 32% and orders by 24% compared to the last 365 days – the challenge is still on, the goal is to reach an extra 100% by welcoming visitors to a new and re-designed website.

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