Cugini'z - Pizza Restaurant

A delicious pizza place located in the middle of a small city, the challenge
was to promote its grand opening and to maintain a constant flow of clients.

client brief

As a newly opened pizza restaurant, the target was to bring in new orders, and maintain recurring clients.

Status - ongoing

Objective - lead generation

Service - Marketing

───  01/04

the introduction

Cugini’z “Pizza and More” is a small locally owned business, in the city of Brasov. The main objective was to drive more sales with quality ingredients and services.

───  02/04

the problem

The opening year of the pizza place was in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic and the competition was high, other better-known pizza places were already operating years before. They needed an advantage that would make them break the ice. 

───  03/04

our solution

After analyzing the competition in the city, we noticed a major flaw – none of them were active on Social Media platforms, and even if they were, the content quality was poor. We started looking into the regional audience, age, sex, interests, etc., and managed to pinpoint our ideal audience.

After knowing who to target, we started working. Photographed all the menu items professionally and started putting out relevant funny/ engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, and Google platforms.

───  04/04

the results

On all social media platforms we started registering high engagement rates, likes, and shares which transformed into phone calls, and ultimately into orders. The key was to maintain the quality of organic posts on all platforms, combined with quality studio photographs to delight our audience, Cugini’z is a thriving business to this day, and also our continuous partnership.

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