Taqueria - Mexican Restaurant

An authentic Mexican Restaurant in the heart of the city.
Real ingredients, fresh food, and a lot of tequila.

client brief

Opened in 2018, it was the only mexican restaurant in the city, with no competition. 

Status - completed

Objective - brand awareness

Service - Marketing & SMM

───  01/04

the introduction

A young entrepreneur, a daring idea, and a prime placement – these are the ingredients to the first mexican restaurant in the city of Brasov – Transylvania.

───  02/04

the problem

As soon as the place was ready with all the necessary equipment they contacted us to start the brand awareness campaign. They didn’t have the time to create and manage their online presence, paid advertising was not an option because of budget restrictions, we had to reach all the right audiences organically.

───  03/04

our solution

We proposed to start with Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, and Google My Business, we started by photographing the food and the interior so we could use the material to create organic posts to reach the target audience.

───  04/04

the results

In 1 month we reached 1000 followers on Facebook and started getting traction on all platforms, we used a combination of funny & educational content. The results were amazing, people started coming back and leaving positive reviews about the content we promoted and also the food. They were on an ascending trend with orders and customers, but sadly the pandemic struck in 2020 and they were forced to “close shop” and hopefully open again in 2021.

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